Hello, hello! Welcome to my site. In here, you can read about me, read my (possibly very boring) blog (possibly periodically dead), or read about the different projects I work on.

If it isn't obvious, you can navigate around the place using the navigation menu (or hamburger icon) at the top of the page. If it looks messed up, well, get a newer browser (did that sound too rash? I hope not).

By the way, when designing this website, I found it hard to decide whether I want it to be a light blue color or a peach color, so I added both. You can switch by clicking here.


You can find my blog right over here, however if you're interested, this is my most recent post.

Site changes

So, after a ton of inactivity, I've decided to change this site up a bit.

The first thing you'll notice is the slightly updated design. The navigation up top is slightly reordered and the main page has been changed, mainly to include my Twitter feed. As for projects, I've added The Floorsland to the list and I've changed up some of the descriptions.

As for the backend, the entire thing is practically fully rewritten and it now uses Laravel instead of Slim 2. I'm personally happy with t…

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Twitter Feed