Telinc1’s Website

About Me

Hello there! Around these parts, I go by the name Telinc1 (or, as people call me in real life, Theodore) or just telinc (or, as some people love to call me, telnic). I’m an all-around computer nerd who likes to accidentally make a fool of himself in various places.

I’m from Bulgaria and live in the country’s capital, Sofia. Aside from Bulgarian, I speak fluent English and disastrously negligible German. To leave out the (in)sensitive details, I’m a programmer, retro gamer, amateur translator, supporter of the Oxford comma, and overweight.

I primarily deal with programming. I tend to specialize in JavaScript and PHP so I write mostly websites and games (this makes me a full-stack web developer). I’m also quite proficient in Java, which is mainly what I use to make standalone applications when necessary. Other languages I know or have dealt with include certain kinds of assembly (6502, 65c816, ARM, and Z80) and ActionScript. I can read and understand C, C++, C#, and most other sane languages but have never written anything in them. Aside from programming, I sometimes deal with Linux server administration.

I use Windows 7 on my main computer. Whenever I have to use a laptop, I pretty much demand Lenovo ThinkPads. I use Notepad++ as my primary text editor (the only exception is IntelliJ IDEA, which I use when writing Java) and Vivaldi as my browser. For servers, I prefer Debian and its derivatives, especially Ubuntu, with zsh, tmux, and vim. I always use 4 spaces for indentation and Unix line endings with newlines at the end of files. My favorite scripting languages are JavaScript and PHP depending on the task. As for CSS preprocessors, I passionately loathe Sass and use it only because of its wide support—I’d much rather use Stylus.

Other than programming, I can write pretty interesting stories with silly and unexpected twists when I’m in the mood. I cannot and will never comprehend proper graphical design or music in any way, kind, shape, or form.

My biggest hobby is video game ROM hacking. I’m a moderator at SMW Central and handle site coding for it. I’m also into Pokémon hacking, specifically Generation III. Closely related to ROM hacking is glitching. I prefer the Generation I Pokémon games, which are surprisingly broken pieces of software.

As for personal entertainment, I’m an avid gamer. I prefer old-school video games from the 80s and 90s but there are notable exceptions. My favorite game is Minecraft, which I also officially translate and proofread into Bulgarian, my native language. In no particular order, I’m also a fan of Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, and Undertale. I also like reading physical books. I’m a fan of Harry Potter and anything written by John Grisham, thus classifying my favorite genre as “legal thrillers”.

If you have further questions or you want to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me.