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The return of the personal website

Published on Those who have tried to check out the website in the past couple of months (or, to put it another way, nobody) would have probably noticed the simplistic notice: “Be right back.”, much later replaced with a more welcoming page. Well, it only took, as I just said, a couple of months, but this dinky website is back in business.

During all of this time, I worked on completely rewriting the entire website from the ground up. Why? The design was rushed and the backend was hard to maintain. The new website runs on a much more improved system and has a completely new interface based on Google's Material Design, which I happen to absolutely adore.

The biggest addition to the site is a functional home-grown blog system. It's currently not fully complete, but it's lightweight, fast, and easy to manage—qualities I wouldn't find in a third-party CMS. I hope to be able to keep this blog updated in the future, especially with the looming start of The Floorsland RPG's development. Honestly, this is all I can say at the moment—for the none of you reading, feel free to explore the sparse content currently on the website.

Or, if you're curious, I can describe the website's structure. It's now a Laravel 5 application, with the front-end assets being handled by Webpack (more specifically, Laravel Mix) and (begrudgingly) Sass. Pages and posts are internally processed with a highly modified private version of NBBC, a rather nice BBCode parser, and then processed with PHP SmartyPants; as for why I went with BBCode and not something popular like Markdown, it's because of the possible complexity of the markup, something Markdown simply can't allow due to its simplistic nature.

Anyway… This new website is sufficiently functional but I'll expand it in the near future. Currently, the highest priority plans are tags for blog posts, which are actually supported internally, and comments for blog posts.

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