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Floorsland is a series of games I started back in 2011, when a YouTube tutorial called How to make a platform game in advance, no longer available, inspired me to build games in Adobe Flash. Four main games, which I now refer to as the Original Tetralogy, were originally made in quick succession, followed by mini-games and remakes. Every released game except the latest one, The Floorsland Reborn, runs in Adobe Flash Player. There are currently extensive plans for an RPG.

Nowadays, I openly dislike most of the games in the series, especially the first four, which are also the current sole source of the universe's plot. They’re not fun, they don’t look good, and most of them are way too simple to even be called proper games. The only game which I still find halfway decent is The Floorsland Reborn, in spite of what others have told me.

The games revolve around a character called Tim who lives on a planet called The Floorsland. The stability of the land is governed by three Crystals. Tim’s brother, named Montgomery, has come back from a vaction on Earth, where something drives him insane, leading to his stealing a Crystal in each game. The fourth game features Tim’s quest to become the new king of the land, a challenge set by the childless current king. The upcoming RPG instalment is planned to explore Tim’s reign in complete detail while going over the history and culture of the entire society, along with answering the questions left by the previous games.