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The Floorsland Origins

The Floorsland Origins is the fifth main game from the Floorsland series and the last Adobe Flash game. It is a remake of The Floorsland and The Floorsland 2 which gives them better visuals (for my standards), logical continuity between levels and games, and a coherent plot which expresses the intended events.

The game is far more advanced than all of its predecessors, both behind the scenes and for the player. Unfortunately, the major downsides of the crummy engine are still noticeable in many parts of the game, which makes it less enjoyable than it could have been. Overall, however, it stands out along with The Floorsland Reborn as one of the best released games in the series.


You can play The Floorsland Origins by clicking Play Game at the top of the page.

The complete version of the game was originally released on Newgrounds on August 16, 2017.