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The Floorsland Reborn

The Floorsland Reborn is the sixth game from the Floorsland series. Unlike the ones before it, it does not use Adobe Flash Player and is instead written in JavaScript with the Phaser 2 framework. The graphics are still made in Adobe Flash to remain faithful to the older games (but mainly because it’s is the only way I can draw anything).

The Floorsland Reborn is a remake of the third and the fourth game from the original tetralogy. It gives them an actual plot, more details, and sensible continuity, much like The Floorsland Origins did for the first two games. The game’s engine is fully re-written from scratch and has nothing in common with the older engine, which makes the game more stable than any of the previous Floorsland games and introduces many new gameplay mechanics. In spite of that, it still revolves around waiting for obstacles, so the overall experience isn’t that much better unless you know how to play it well.


You can play The Floorsland Reborn by clicking Play Game at the top of the page.

The complete version of the game was originally released on Newgrounds on August 16, 2017. Aside from it, a demo featuring only The Floorsland 3 was released on January 6, 2017 and can still be played here.