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The Floorsland RPG

The Floorsland RPG is an RPG from the Floorsland series with a very temporary name. It’s currently under active development.

It’s built with the Phaser 3 framework. The plot is almost entirely finalized and is undergoing slight revision. The mechanics of the battle system are also being fleshed out and include movement reminiscent of a platformer and heavy usage of the surrounding terrain, accompanied by physical, ranged, and magical attacks.

Chronologically, the game takes place after The Floorsland Reborn but will not expect players to be familiar with any of the past games in the series. It will fully explore the history and culture of The Floorsland from the perspective of Tim, the series' protagonist and the new sovereign monarch of the planet, while letting the player take full control and responsibility for their kingly actions.

Occasional development progress will be posted to my blog and my Twitter account.


On March 17, 2019, I released a short demonstration of various elements of the game in the Phaser Discord.