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Original Tetralogy

The Original Tetralogy of Floorsland games refers to four Adobe Flash games created in quick succession in 2011. They tell—rather, make pitiful attempts to tell—the initial plot of the Floorsland universe, which comprises the protagonist’s first four adventures on the alien planet.

As described on the Floorsland Series page, these four games are carbon copies of an old YouTube tutorial called “How to make a platform game in advance”. With graphics horrible even for my standards and a general lack of purpose in the level design and game design, the original tetralogy is not worth playing. The next two instalments of the series, The Floorsland Origins and The Floorsland Reborn, revisit all four games in a much cleaner, saner, and detailed way. As much as I dislike the tetralogy nowadays, it still has sentimental value and serves as a good archive of the series’ history.

While The Floorsland and The Floorsland 2 differ only in their subpar levels, The Floorsland 3 stands out among all four. With the help of the experience I’d acquired, it has balanced features and arguably decent level design. While my experimentation worked out in The Floorsland 3, The Floorsland 4 escalated into quite a mess and it’s easily the most annoying to play out of all four games.


You can play any of the four games by clicking Play Game at the top of the page.

The games were originally released on Newgrounds between February and August 2011. Miraculously, all four have passed its judgment system and are still available. For the record: none of the responses to the reviews on the Newgrounds submissions reflect my present-day opinions or attitude. While blatantly inflammatory responses have been deleted, a lot of the remaining ones show little ability to respond adequately to positive or negative feedback and, like the entire tetralogy, have been kept for the purposes of archival. With that disclaimer out of the way, the Newgrounds submissions can be found here: The Floorsland - The Floorsland 2 - The Floorsland 3 - The Floorsland 4


These are assorted screenshots from all four games.