The Named Flash-Like Save format (practically always abbreviated to NFLS) is a file format created by me, which is intended to simplify saving data in various games.

NFLS is based off of two existing formats: the Named Binary Tag (NBT) format, which Mojang uses for Minecraft, and the .sol format, used by ActionScript's SharedObjects. Of course, it's not a clone of either, just quite similar to them.

NFLS saves can contain multiple named fields (with each field having its own data type). NFLS also comes with SHA-1 integrity checks, which aren't that hard to crack, but still prevent basic modifications.

Aside from the specification, I've also created a Java program for reading and storing NFLS files. NFLS is also used in my game engine, RPJG.

The specifications and Java source code for NFLS can found on GitHub.

The compiled JAR file, ready for inclusion in any Java project, can also be downloaded from GitHub (check above, or just click here for the latest parser).

Various files related to NFLS can also be found here. You may read the latest specification here.