Role Playing Java Game (more commonly referred to as RPJG) is a Java RPG game engine built by me. It's currently under heavy development. In end, I expect it to be a fully functional and expandable game engine, with a script editor to go along with it.

The way the engine and script editor work is strongly inspired by Pokémon FireRed and the most popular script editor for it, XSE.

Currently, RPJG runs on LWJGL 2 (soon to be updated) and requires OpenGL 1.1, making it quite compatible with older computers. RPJG strives to provide a user-friendly RPG engine, games with which are easily created with just basic Java knowledge.

As stated above, RPJG is under heavy development and nowhere even near ready to be used. You may keep up with the development on GitHub. You're free to help, provided you can read really bad spaghetti code.