Telicraft is the first Minecraft mod I have ever made. It was originally called TeliMod and I originally created it for fun, but it turned into a kind of big mod.

An interesting fact about Telicraft is that I did it without any knowledge of how Minecraft actually works. I followed the tutorials and figured stuff out as I went. A lot of it is actually just modified Minecraft classes.

In its current state, it comes with a bunch of crazy things, like the Adamant Furnace (smelts really fast), the Adamant Chest (365 slots!), the Alarm, Meteor Dust, Meteor Bombs and even pizza.

Because it's so big, Telicraft has a wiki for it.

Due to a lot of reasons, Telicraft has been abandoned. It's still on GitHub.

You may find all of the known mod spotlights in this YouTube playlist. Note that none of them are fully accurate and none of them show off everything there is in Telicraft.

I've made two little testing videos about the Meteor Bomb and the Emergency Item, which may be found in this playlist.

Some ingame screenshots from Telicraft.