Telinc1’s Website


Telicraft is the Minecraft mod I ever made. It was originally created under the name TeliMod after the release of Minecraft 1.3 from my sheer curiosity about the game’s internals. I abandoned it after its initial Minecraft 1.6 version because I’d lost interest in maintaining it, mostly due to its bad code, nonsensical contents, and lack of popularity.

Those interested can also download a prebuilt JAR file, for use Minecraft 1.6 and Minecraft Forge. Telicraft’s general lack of structure was caused by my lack of experience with the game’s code. A lot of it is based on various tutorials from the time; some blocks are modified Minecraft classes since I didn’t understand how everything connected together.

In its current state, Telicraft is made up of various different ideas with no mutual connection. A significant part of the mod revolves around Adamant, a custom ore which can make overpowered tools, armor, and blocks—examples include the nearly indestructible Mega Adamant Block, the really quick Adamant Furnace, and the Adamant Chest, which can store up to 325 items, more than any modded chest I’m aware of. A smaller part of the mod is a new generated structure—a meteor crater, made up of Meteor Dust which can be turned into Meteor Bombs. There are also two new crops, peppers and tomatoes, which can make pizza. Apart from that, Telicraft also adds a few custom potions and unrelated items, such as a Box Cutter and an Alarm.


You may find all of the known mod spotlights in this YouTube playlist. Note that none of them are fully accurate and none of them show off everything there is in Telicraft.

I once made two little testing videos about the Meteor Bomb and the Emergency Item, which may be found in this playlist.