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SNES Mode 7 Simulator

My SNES Mode 7 Simulator is an online tool meant for SNES homebrew developers. It simulates the SNES PPU’s background mode 7, making it easier to set up transformed tilemaps.

The tool can use any image for the simulated tilemap. It supports all 9 hardware registers which affect the final output. The register configurations can change between scanlines, which simulates HDMA effects. In a given configuration, numerical registers can be varied linearly or sinusoidally for more complex effects such as perspective. No matter the setup, the virtual transformed screen will be shown on top of the image. Finally, the tool can animate between sets of simulations.

When inputting values for numerical registers, trigonometric functions may be used. The value will be pre-calculated and converted to the fixed-point format used by the SNES. This makes it easier to simulate rotations.

The tool is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. Its source code can be found on GitHub.