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Pokémon ObsidianBlack & PewterWhite

Pokémon ObsidianBlack and PewterWhite are, collectively, the second Pokémon FireRed ROM hack I’ve worked on. Before it, I created a couple of maps from the long-dead Pokémon Adamant. What started as a simple project quickly turned into a very complex world which I constantly revisit—each new version makes changes to old maps and events to make them better, more detailed, and overall a lot more polished.

The one aspect that got blown out of proportion is the plot of the game. It’s an immense tale riddled with backstories and past personal experiences for every single character. The end result is an interesting, humorous, and even edgy at times plot which slowly unravels throughout the game’s progression. Each character has their own quirks and unique personality—even the main character, who completely abandons the classic silent protagonist, and is instead a crucial element of the plot.

In its current state, the hack is released as two separate games—ObsidianBlack and PewterWhite. Each one of them has, like the official games, its own version exclusive Pokémon and trading between them is supposedly supported. The upcoming version, however, might scrap PewterWhite entirely as its creation is often rushed and unstable.

Presently, the hack hasn’t been worked on for quite some time, partially due to my general disinterest in the state of the hacking community, but mainly due to lack of time because of my duties at SMW Central and planning for The Floorsland RPG. I have long-term plans for continuing the project given fans’ reactions and my attachment to the plot.


These are some screenshots from the game. I may periodically include new screenshots from development versions, so you can get sneak peeks for the new versions.


Videos of Pokémon ObsidianBlack & PewterWhite can be found in this YouTube playlist.