Pokémon ObsidianBlack and PewterWhite are actually my second Pokémon hacks. They are, quite obviously, a pair of games. Unlike Super Mario World, I want them to have good, smooth gameplay and, more importantly, I want it to be hard to tell how little experience I've had when making the beginning. New versions constantly change old towns and aspects to make them better.

Nobody's perfect. Because I'm generally pretty bad when it comes to mapping, I try to make other things stand out more. One of the elements I'm the most proud of is, without doubt, the plot. It's quite intricate, goes a bunch of years back and slowly unravels througout the game. An element that people may not like is that the main character talks (quite a lot, I may add), though that's quite essential for a game with a relatively big plot. Try to imagine Final Fantasy IV without Cecil talking. Yeah.

Another thing that makes these hacks unique is that I try to listen to your suggestions. That's exactly why I have given you the ability to suggest trainers. As long as it's reasonable, anything you suggestion will be added to the games.

It's pretty easy to guess, but being paired, the games have version exclusives. There is a list available, so be careful which version you pick! Of course, using VBA-Link, you can trade between the two versions.

You can suggest trainers and see how Beta 4.0 is coming along by visiting the links below. They're also available in the site navigation up at the top.

These are all of the screenshots for the games.

I may periodically include new screenshots from development versions, so you can get sneak peeks for the new versions.

Videos of Pokémon ObsidianBlack & PewterWhite can be found in this YouTube playlist.