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Luigi Lost in Telinc’s World

Luigi lost in Telinc’s World (also abbreviated as LLITW) was my first serious attempt at a Super Mario World ROM hack. Before starting it, I had already made 3 other hacks (Super Mario World: Telinc1 Edition, The mysterious cave, and World of Illusion) and I wanted my fourth one to be good (I remember having intentions of it becoming featured and well-known). Unfortunately, I didn't go very far and I went on a hiatus due to boredom.

After a semi-long break from Super Mario World ROM hacking, I came back to Luigi lost in Telinc’s World, which was called Mario lost in Telinc’s World at the time. I started polishing it a little and continued it, still thinking I could make it amazing. The protagonist was also switched to Luigi. The first demo was rejected from SMW Central several times before finally being allowed in the section.

At one point, a forum user called thenextdoor contacted me asking how I did the variable-width font dialogues in the hack. After some discussion, we decided to make the hack itself a collaboration. He made the entire overworld for it and also a couple of levels that really stand out when compared to mine.

In retrospect, Luigi Lost in Telinc’s World is a rather bad hack with no sensible progression, story, or level design. Its final version was rightfully rejected on SMW Central and I have no intention on trying to fix everything. If I did, the end result would be a wholly different game.

For those who are brave enough to stomach this hack, the final release is still archived in my SMW Central file bin.