Luigi lost in Telinc's World (also known as LLITW) is my first serious Super Mario World hack. Before starting it, I had alredy made 3 other junk hacks (Super Mario World: Telinc1 Edition, The mysterious cave and World of Illusion to be exact) and I wanted my fourth one to be serious (I remember having intentions of it being featured). Unfortunately, I didn't go very far and I went on a hiatus due to boredom.

After a semi-long break from Super Mario World hacking, I came back to Luigi lost in Telinc's World, which called Mario lost in Telinc's World at the time. I started polishing it a little and continued it, still thinking I could make it awesome. The protagonist was also switched to Luigi.

At one point, a forum user called thenextdoor contacted me asking how I did the variable-width font dialogues in the hack. In the end, we decided to make the hack itself a collaboration. He make the entire overworld for it and also a couple of levels that really do stand out when compared to mine.

Luigi lost in Telinc's World is actually complete, but it hasn't been accepted in SMWCentral just because the level design isn't great. Really, that pickiness might be the exact reason I haven't hacked Super Mario World in a long time — I don't like it when my work goes to waste.

These are some screenshots from Luigi lost in Telinc's World.