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Mario’s Final World

Mario’s Final World is my current Super Mario World ROM hacking project. It’s completely chocolate, meaning that is shares no assets with the original game. It also has a solid plot and it is planned to be a good length, 7 worlds.

The hack features many ASM modifications, a lot of which are completely custom. Each level's design is oriented around a unique gimmick which is usually custom-made, too. Every single boss is either completely custom or highly modified for the needs of the project.

Mario’s Final World has been dead or stale many times, especially back when I still had hope in Luigi Lost in Telinc’s World and was disappointed that people didn’t like it. Currently, the hack is mostly alive but my duties in SMW Central staff team slow down its progress significantly.

The latest official demo was released during the winter 2018 SMWC3. It contains two complete worlds.